What We Do


Startup Businesses

Small business start-ups in South Africa have been pinpointed by the South African government as a way to stimulate economic growth in the country and to help solve the large unemployment problem. We help grow new businesses especially for black entrepreneurs who are looking to create small business start-ups.

Digital Marketing

We have seen first hand how intricate strategy and flawsless execution in online marketing can make a startup business bloom. Our experts directly answer marketing challenges with multiple brands, regions, products or service lines by uncovering deep rooted issues & proactively supplying creative solutions.

Market Research

Expectations for Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are high, where large economies are performing well and smaller markets are accelerating. While many startup companies see SSA as an opportunity for growth, we help companies understand each industry’s own unique dynamics, operating environment, and customers.

Catering & Hospitality

We have a service-based business dedicated to exceeding social and corporate catering or hospitality planning needs from concept to completion. We are fully dedicated to making events seamless, memorable and exceptional, while offering a fresh and personalized approach to every place we are invited to offer our expertise.

Home Improvement

With our digital market place, we bring home improvement services to customers in just a few clicks. Whether you need home or office renovations, building a new property, or you simply need appliance repairs and installation services, we help home owners with a comprehensive scope of affordable and quality services.

Charity Services

Our non-profit organization provides a community-based approach to support, train and develop young men and women in impoverished communities. We provide scholarships, offer free computer lessons, motivational seminars and donations to various institutions to help promote the development of well-build citizens

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Our Partners


Clubhouse International

A non-profit organization dedicated to community service, personal development and the engagement of youth in impoverished areas.

Arekhanne Tours

Cheuffer and shuttle services providing company in South Africa.

Amex Media

A highly experienced, creative and talented digital marketing company.

Sayi Contractors

Construction services providing company in South Africa.

Vintage Refrigeration

Appliance repair, maintenance and installation technicians in South Africa.

Break of Dawn

Hospitality and catering company in South Africa.

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