Our one-stop hospitality group of services specializing in house keeping, public area maintenance, event planning and catering services.


Focused on helping SMEs develop with quality digital marketing services including web design, SEO, SEM, lead generation and branding.

Home Improvement

Our home improvement services in construction, home security, movers, and appliance services.

Serving Quality

We are an innovative, technology and creativity driven holdings company with investments in the hospitality, digital marketing and home improvement industries where we partner companies in cultivating excellent brand stories, delivering exceptional results. Our mandate is to create effective marketing strategies, powerful identities, seamless interactions and memorable experiences in connecting people to brands in any industry.

Startup Business

Small business start-ups in South Africa have been pinpointed by the South African government as a way to stimulate economic growth in the country and to help solve the large unemployment problem. On the background of a team of self motivated and skilled entrepreneurs, we help new business entrepreneurs create sound business portfolios, draw realistic and sustainable operational blueprints, and engage in sound marketing that enables sustainable, consistent and measurable business growth.